What are the top 5 furniture brands?

The British furniture designs have always been known for the creativity and functional innovation. In the recent years, the furniture designs have created a niche and acquired a status in the global market. The furniture designers are coming up with new innovative ideas that we have probably never witnessed. There are certain influential furniture brands that are taking risks in terms of the out of the box designs and materials that are used.

Let us have a look at the top rated five furniture brands in the current market.

Based Upon

The furniture brand has been founded by twin brothers, Ian and Richard Abell. If you give a minute look at the furniture from Based Upon, you will find that every piece of furniture manufactured by the brand tells a story. There is a personal touch to every piece in terms of the life of the client who is buying the piece or based on the experiences of the brand itself. There is something to portray in every furniture item, in terms of personal or physical conceptions. This is what makes the Based Upon Furniture so unique from other brands around. Their mirrored furniture range is something to be considered.

Tom Dixon

The British furniture brand, Tom Dixon, is a household name. The brand is known to deal with unique furnishing, lighting and accessories that can create magic in every home. Whether you are looking for an out of the box chair or an amazingly beautiful lighting fixture, Tom Dixon is the brand to consider. Believe it or not, you will not be disappointed with the products when you browse through the different furnishing items. The creativity and innovation that the brand brings in every furnishing product is something to look out for. Tom Dixon was founded in 2002 and since then it has been playing an influential role in the British furnishing industry.

Francis Sultana

If you are a major fan of art collector furnishing pieces, Francis Sultana is the furniture brand to be considered without any second thoughts. The brand came into existence in 2009, focusing on the art collector clients not just from the country, but from around the world. Apart from the regular interior furnishing projects, the brand is also known to manufacture and design the limited edition furniture, which are the USP of the Francis Sultana. If you have visited the Spencer House, the historic interior has been designed by the brand.

Lee Broom

Lee Broom was founded in 2007 and over the years, the brand has emerged as one of the leading furniture and interior designers in the UK. The brand is not known to compete in the commercial market for selling the maximum number of products. Rather, it focuses on the innovation and the quality. Lee Broom is the designer who is primarily involved in the designing of the unique furnishing collections and manufactures and designs under his very own label. He is described as one of the most respected talents in Britain.

Doshi Levien

As an internationally renowned brand, it brings out the best of hybrid furnishing, with multiple cultures mixing together. The amalgamation of modernity and traditional culture clearly gets reflected in the Doshi Levien furniture. The founders, Nipa and Jonathan are both from two different cultures and that is clearly reflected in their work as well.

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