Tools That You Must Have For Tree Trimming Your Garden

portland_rose_gardenIf you love growing trees in your backyard, you’d need tools to groom them from time to time. Here are some that you should invest in.


This one is used for early pruning of young trees. If you are planning to buy your own secateurs, it would be best if you opt for those with a carbon steel blade which will take a sharp edge and keep it. Since you’re likely to be using it for a long time, better invest in a decent quality set.


Loppers are also called tree loppers. They’re pretty much like secateurs, but this one is simply designed with longer pole handles to allow you to use both hands comfortably rather than just one hand. They are used to those branches that are already too thick for secateurs to cut.

A Tree Pruning Saw

For those larger, live, green woods, a tree pruning saw is a much better tool to use, since the its blades can make cleaner cuts. With a tree pruning saw, you can simply push it to the branch to get it to the right place then apply pressure as you pull. If you think this sounds like too much work, Benton Arboriculture can assist.

A Wood Chipper

If you’re always having trouble with disposing branches that you trimmed because they’re too big and won’t fit into the compost heap, time to look for a wood chipper. This will reduce the size of those branches so you can easily dispose them.

If you missed trimming them for quite a while and it looks like it’ll be difficult for you to trim them yourself, time to call a tree surgeon – Kings Cuts Trees who can take this job on with more expertise.

A Ladder

This is probably self-explanatory but some still wonder why a ladder. Actually, using a ladder is much safer than just climbing a tree. It’s just that when you use a ladder you might stretch along a branch that’s not really that sturdy but at least you’re less likely to be hit by anything falling on you.


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