Qualities a Great Builder Needs to Have

Building a home or any other kind of a building is no small matter. There are so many things that need to be done, and so many regulations that need to be upheld, that the best course of action would be hiring a great professional builder to do the work for you. That way, you’ll know that everything is done according to the rules and the plans, and you’ll know that the building is completely safe and secure. However, this is something easier said than done, because we can’t just guess which of the hundreds of builders in Essex is good, and which one is bad.

Well, this is exactly why we have compiled a list of questions to ask the builder you wish to hire in order to see if he has all the qualities a great builder needs to have. So, when you start interviewing a builder, make sure you ask the following questions and inspect the following things.

Make sure they have a license

You should check if the builder you have found has all the necessary licenses. The last thing you want is to sit on the luxurious toilet of your brand new house, and the police knocks at your door. You could do that by asking them to show you their license, which would make sure that they have full insurance that should protect your property if something goes awry during the building.

Get references

You should get at least two references about the builder, and should read online reviews. They are a good indicator of his work. Also, you could contact some people that have had some work done by that builder. Word of mouth is the best advertisement.

Ask them about their experience

By asking them about their experience, you should be able to get the picture about the builder. Those with greater experience tend to last longer, as people usually like to hire a builder who are in the business a lot longer and have a lot more experience.

Ask another builder to do the job

This should tell you if the first builder is overcharging you fir his work, or if he’s undercharging you. Usually, if the builders are undercharging you, it could mean that they would do a bad job just to be able to offer you the lowest price.

Ask about guarantees

Ask them are there any guarantees. Will you get your money back if the building work is bad? Will build again if that’s the case? If a builder has faith in himself and in his experience, he should offer you some type of a guarantee.

Don’t choose builders that offer you a price over phone

If a builder offers you a price while talking to you over the phone without even seeing what the building plan is, the chances are he’s not a very good builder. So, avoid these kinds of builders.

He should give you an exact price

Builders that won’t give you an exact price after seeing the building plans are usually not the right guys for you. They should give you an exact price, which is a sign of honesty.

Ask for referrals

The best thing to do is to ask your friends, neighbors and family members for referrals, and especially if some of them know something about building. Those are the people whom you know and whom you trust. That way, you cannot go wrong.

Quick And Easy Way To Repair Sash Windows

Do you smell rotten wood or see chipped frames? Well then your sash window may be in need of repair. Sash windows made of wood may often rot due to moisture, draught changing weather etc. Wood being an organic materials needs constant care and anti rotting techniques to be applied. Sash windows which opens vertically makes a building look more elegant yet these windows save space and are quite practical. They let in the right amount of light and air and are effective in keeping out the rain and storm in a thunderous weather. Although with regular and timely care repair works can be made less frequent, sash windows need repair work at regular intervals.

The Problems

The problems that can require your sash window to get a repair work done mainly stems from the fact that the sashes are in reality wooden frames which are organic in nature and hence prone to rotting. Sometimes even after taking precautions there might be a termite or ant attack which can damage the sash windows to a great extent. Along with this comes the problem of discoloration, chipped frames, weather affected frames. These problems can damage your sash windows to a great extent if the windows are not repaired on time. Few of the problems can be dealt with but the natural phenomenons affecting the sash windows cannot be controlled by us although preventive measures can be taken to delay their effects on the sash windows. SM Sashes Windows London will help you know about you sash windows more. Spare a minute and take a look.

Quick And Easy Repairing Ways

You can try to repair your sash windows yourself if you are adept at the job and after your visual scrutiny you are sure that the problem is not a big one and does not need the attention of an expert. Here are some quick, easy and effective ways to help you on the repair work. First and foremost, unscrew and take out the sash, then separate the glass panes and keep them aside carefully so as not to break them. Then clean the joints with a capable power washer to take off any rotten wood and apply epoxy and prime the sash. Then quite carefully after drying it out and taking out the excess with the use of an utility knife, bed the glass and insert the points. After that tool the putty and rehang the sash.

Repair by Experts

As easy as this may seem to read it might be a tedious work so it is always advisable to leave your sash repair to the experts. Check out SM Sashes Windows Essex and get the best repair solutions along with professional expertise. Take a nap or just supervise the repair work while our professionals deal with all the damage making it an hassle free experience for you.

Different aspects to check in any safe removal agency

There are a number of companies, which you can find for safe removals. The service of safe removal refers to the service of carrying the safety wants from one place to the another. The service it needs a lot of care, not to keep the safes intact, but in order to keep the items within the safe in a good condition. The safes are made in a way, such that they do not easily break. But depending upon what you are carrying within those safes, it might happen that those items within the safes can get damaged, was the fall down from your hand, or they are not handled properly.


As there are a number of safe removal agencies available, you should properly check the services they offer, and the insurance to provide, before availing the services. The services provided by the agencies for safe removals are always rechargeable, and the charges can vary quite extensively. You might be happy with the fact that an agency is asking for a very little amount of money for the safe removals, but once you read the terms and conditions, you might find that they are not providing any insurance for the items, which they are carrying. Thus, you should always check whether the companies are providing insurance for the items that are being carried.

Getting insurance

As far as insurance for safe removals are concerned, you can get insurance only for those products, which you have enlisted with the safe removal agency. Your safe might contain numerous valuables, but before reallocating to a different place, you should make an entry of those items, which are present in the safe. In case you find any item missing, you can claim insurance for that particular item or items. If you are carrying only documents, you can also claim insurance, and they will give you the sum, which is covered by the document.

An example of document insurance

If you are claiming insurance for any documents, the process is a little complicated, but not very complicated. For example, if you are carrying the papers of your house is present in the safes, you can only claim insurance, if you can produce a proof the price of your house. In such circumstances, you will have to talk to your lawyer, and you may have to move to the court for doing a valuation of your house. Depending upon the type of document, you may have to provide different kind of evidences for getting insurance claim for documents, when they are reallocated by safe removal agencies.

Checking the reviews

The next important aspect, which you should have a look before getting service from any safe removal agency is the review given by others, to that particular safe removal agency. You can check the testimonials on the website of the safe removals, or you can find the same on other portals, which are hosted by other organisations. It better that you choose the third party hosted websites or portals, as there are hardly any chances of getting false or manipulated information.