Top 5 Surveyors in London

In today’s busy world, everyone needs some services, which can wrap all basic need of him or her. Making a house or any building is one of the basic needs of people where they need one support which can take pressure from their shoulder and do the almost to complete the matter. There are Surveyors who take this responsibility and by a very beautiful and well-organized way they plan everything to finish it. They make exact measurements and determine property boundaries.  They offer a huge selection of homes. Here are some renowned Surveyors:

  • A N Ford Surveyors Ltd: AN Ford Surveyors Ltd is an independent surveyors firm which provides a very prompt, high quality and highly personal service. It has over 25 years’ experience in undertaking surveys on all types of property. They are always keen to discuss the survey with people and ready to answer related questions or issues. Their works are regulated by the RICS and they maintain professional standards.


  • Albright Surveyors Limited: Albright Surveyors Limited is another RICS regulated firm which provide a complete professional surveying service. They are having wealth of experience and expert knowledge in a range of property services. One can have direct contact with the surveyor being fully qualified with many years of experience. They mainly focus on delivering excellent service.


  • Andrew Lashbrooke Ltd: Andrew Lashbrooke is mainly a Chartered Surveyor having more than 20 years of experience in the survey and valuation of residential property. They are providing information about proposed purchase price by providing details of similar properties sold in the locality and give an overview of the local market.


  • James Ross & Co.: It has 30 years’ experience in RICS HomeBuyer Reports and Building Surveys. This firm worked in London and has an in-depth knowledge of building defects and their implication to the structure of a building.


  • Manor Surveyors Limited: Manor Surveyors are a very well-known Chartered Building Surveying firm located in Cambridgeshire. They are providing a range of services throughout Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk and the surrounding areas of London. They deliver a very clear, quality reports and ensure the dedicated help to all client and advice they need. Their team is specialized in Building Surveys.


Beside these, there are many so-called surveyors in London who are always ready to give you full support and latest information. Amongst all of them Aston James Property Surveyors are the one who are doing very well in this field and whom you can trust.